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BSHC Inc. is committed to meeting the spiritual, religious, educational,  and social needs of its members and associates in accordance with the practices and accepted traditions as agreed upon by the Sephardic Synagogues in the United States of America and to establish Kal Israel with the Universal Jewish community.


  • Beth Tefilah - to provide quality, inspiring religious services in a traditional atmosphere in which all of the Jewish faith can be brought closer to each other and to Hashem.

  • Beth Midrash – to instill a lifelong love of Torah by providing quality educational experiences through religious training, the study of Torah, and the practicing of the wholesome ethics of Jewish living.

  • Beth Knesset – to encourage participation by all members to be warm, embracing, and, caring – creating a welcoming home and sense of extended congregational family for our members through programs and activities.

  • Kal Israel – to gather together all of Israel by transforming the lives of its members through spiritual growth, observance, and mitzvot; to the concept of Eretz Israel; and to the principle of Tikun Olam or making the world whole.


Beth Shalom Hebrew Congregation Inc., 730 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11206, formerly known as Beth Shalom Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation under the leadership of the late Chief Rabbi Levi Ben Levi shared space with Young Israel of Williamsburg in the late 1960s. At this time both congregations were relatively small. Beth Shalom worshiped upstairs in the sanctuary and Young Israel worshipped downstairs in the Small Synagogue. The mainly elderly Young Israel Congregation decided to leave the neighborhood in the early 1970s.  Young Israel then rented the entire space to Beth Shalom Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation.



Beth Shalom Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation (BSEHC ) established an outstanding legacy. Organized November 2nd, 1967, under the charismatic leadership of Rabbi L.A. McKethan (Rabbi Levi Ben Levi), the first service was held at 441 Willoughby Avenue (Masonic Temple), Brooklyn NY. 

On April 28th, 1968, BSEHC, moved to 609 Marcy Avenue a restaurant premises, Brooklyn, New York, where the property was acquired and the Temple established. BSEHC organized a school Cushie Talmud Torah and opened a Kosher Restaurant, with the help of A.J.C and the Hon. Judge Mdonick, a Legal Action Committee was organized. The program of this committee helped many residents of the community. On September 1st, 1969 BSEHC moved to 730 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, New York (a move in which Rabbi Woods collectively with Rabbi Levi Ben Levi was very instrumental) and on October 26th, 1969 and established Beth Shalom Community Center. At this time, BSEHC offered arts & crafts, music lessons, piano, drums, guitar lessons, also dramatic arts, Black History, Hebrew language classes, and many more activities to the community. At that time the membership was as high as 200.   

Beth Shalom Hebrew Congregation Inc. is rich in history & culture boasting many great past ancestors, including Rabbi Levi Ben Levi, the Great Cantor Rabbi Eliazar Brooks, Rabbi James (Yokanan) Poinsett Rabbi Raphael Tate, World-renowned Senior Rabbi Hailu Paris, and Brother James Cobb,  just to name a few. BSHC Inc. has always been on the cutting edge of history; BS saluted the memory of our Chief Rabbi W A. Matthew, D.D. PhD as well as honoring the Tuskegee Airmen and hosting an event for the first African American Mayor of NYC Hon. David N. Dinkins. 

Today Beth Shalom Hebrew Congregation Inc. is led by Spiritual Leader Rabbi Yeshurun Ben Levi., the service begins at 9:30 am. Our current president is Geveret Lorand B. Kenon. BSHC Inc. continues to be known as a place of worship friendly to all who wish to visit Praise this Great & Mighty G-D we serve, frequently welcoming visitors from as far away as Ethiopia; Uganda; Nigeria; Ghana; Australia; Europe & the Caribbean, etc. 


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Beth Shalom Hebrew Congregation Inc continues to be known as a place of peace where we worship friendly to all who wish to visit.
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730 Willoughby Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: (718) 453-7302

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